Snow Stories

Well there is snow flying again. I know everyone is sick of winter and sick of hearing everyone talk about the snow and cold but as I’m sitting here watching everything turn white, I got to thinking about some great stories that involve snow:

I vividly remember one day in high school where it had snowed a couple of inches and that day I drove my neighbor, Renae, home from school for some reason. We lived just ¼ mile from each other just a couple miles outside of town on a gravel road. We were talking up a storm and before I realized it we were almost to her house. With about 30 yards before the driveway I started to brake only to realize I was not going to make the turn into the driveway. Next thing I know, I locked the brakes up and the car is skidding and sliding, for those who have done this you know there is no turning one direction or the other at this point. We are skidding and sliding and headed for the ditch and front yard, we miss the mailbox by inches on one side of the car and somehow missed a tree on the other side. We came to a halt. We starred at each other. There was dead silence for about 10 seconds follow by hysterical laughing for 5 minutes. Renae got out of the car and walked to the front door which was 10 feet away, and I drove through the front yard back to the drive way and headed home. From the terrifying ride through the ditch and the hysterical laughing its amazing that I didn’t pee my pants!

For those who know my husband  you know that he is an avid hunter. For those who don’t know him, I’m a harvest widow and immediately after harvest I become a hunting widow until mid December. If it flies, it dies and if its brown, its down. The first winter that my husband and I were married was VERY snowy, especially in December, and we didn’t have a snow blower. Every time Kyle was gone hunting it snowed. Did I mention that we did NOT have a snow blower?! The one weekend he was gone it snowed about 12″ of HEAVY, wet, heart attack type snow. Don’t forget, no snow blower. Now my little car was going nowhere without someone cleaning out the driveway. Dreading the task ahead of me I headed out with shovel in hand. I got about halfway done and was pretty proud of myself but I was tired. I wanted to take break but I knew if I did I would not finish shoveling the driveway so I kept at it. Finally, after what felt like 2 hours of shoveling I was DONE! About the time I turned around and got back to the garage I heard the most horrible noise. The SNOWPLOW coming down the street. I wanted to run to the end of the driveway and boycott the snowplow but he probably wouldn’t have stopped for a young lady shaking a shovel at him and I probably would have been covered head to toe in snow and slush. The plow went by and left a thigh high drift at the end of the driveway; now I’m about 6’0″ so this pile was a good 2.75′ off the ground. I think at this point tears were streaming  down face and freezing to my cheeks. I was exhausted and now I had more snow to shovel. I was devastated. Once again I told myself, “Self, you CAN do this. You MUST do this.”  and I did. Now the next morning my alarm clock is going off on my bed side table and I tried to go through the motions of turning the blasted thing off, only to find out that my arms would not move. I could not physically lift them up to shut off the alarm! Now picture this, I literally had to roll out of bed and stand up so that my hands were at the right level to pick up my phone and shut off the alarm! That is a Minnesota upper body work out!

The one weekend it snowed the my husband was home and we got a snowblower

The one weekend it snowed that my husband was home and we got a snow blower

Although the snow is no longer welcome by most Minnesotan’s, especially the farmers who are anxiously awaiting planting, we are glad to have the moisture that was so desperately needed for a good growing season this year. Saturday’s high is 72°, only in Minnesota.

Enjoy the weather. The first person who complains about it being “too hot” better remember how much they wanted the heat not that long ago.


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