You might drive a farm vehicle if…

This past week I had to drive my husband’s farm car a few days to town so it could get fixed up a bit. Driving that vehicle got me thinking about what make a farm vehicle worthy of being called a farm vehicle. So with the help from my husband and a few co-workers here is a list of 33 items that might signify you drive a farm vehicle; I think you have to meet at least 5 of these for it to be considered a farm vehicle.

You might drive a farm vehicle if:

  1. You can write your name in the dust on the outside and inside of the vehicle
  2. There are disposable plastic boots in the backseat
  3. You can’t quite determine what that smell is but it’s likely a combination of manure and something else
  4. There is an empty pop can or ten in the back end or on the floor
  5. It has a lot of rust on it
  6. There is at least one idiot light that is always on
  7. The AC and/or heat don’t work
  8. The windows don’t roll down or if they do they don’t go back up
  9. The oil gets changed 2 times a year if it needs it or not
  10. When you fill up with gas you add more oil
  11. Your vehicle has 4 different brands of tires and 2 different styles of rims
  12. Tailgate? Its either missing or so bent its not possible to close anymore
  13. Likely the vehicle was a hand-me-down
  14. Your wife can’t take the car anywhere with good clothes on unless she puts a blanket down on the seat
  15. A building collapses onto it because of the weight of snow, and “totals” it with a few large dents in the roof and box; you say it’s still a good pickup and continue to use it, but the insurance company says you just can’t insure it with full coverage anymore. (Wait, it was still insured for full coverage? WIN!!!!)
  16. When it rolls down the driveway and hits a telephone pole, all you do is laugh
  17. There is a fuel tank and tool chest in the back
  18. There are still ears of corn hanging out in the back from checkin’ the crop from the year(s) prior
  19. There is always at least one big rock in the back that you threw in because you saw it from the road
  20. You can’t drive at night because the lights haven’t worked for years
  21. Radio is set to an AM station
  22. You cannot lay a sheet of ply wood down in the back of the pick-up because the 5th wheel plate will wreck your wood
  23. You have to “pump” the gas/throttle when you turned the key to get it to start
  24. The farm dog is riding shotgun
  25. You can never find the tool you need in the shop because the farm vehicle has most of them
  26. The P-R-N-D-3-2-1 doesn’t mean anything, you have to put it into gear by feel
  27. Each vehicle has a can of ether in it to help motivate it to start
  28. There is a coat, hat, or shirt with some sort of seed logo on it
  29. There is a water jug with some sort of seed logo on it
  30. There are lots of fast food wrappers on the floor
  31. There’s a stack of insurance cards but the current one isn’t in the truck
  32. The only time it gets washed is when it rains
farm truck

Epitome of a farm truck

What would you add to the list? Leave me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to get email updates!


8 thoughts on “You might drive a farm vehicle if…

  1. There are packets of mouse poison on the floor left from when you parked it in the shed after harvest. Every time you drive it you say “damn truck”.

  2. Great and fun post! Here are my additions:
    – You have to clean out the pick up in order for anyone else to ride in it besides the driver, and “cleaning out” means taking a trash can bag to dump all the things mentioned above – the bag will include garbage, recyclables, dishes to be washed and laundry to be washed.
    – And there is at least one pair, if not part of a package of yellow work gloves on the floor of the pick-up.

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